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act like a lady, think like a boss, dance like a bitch
me:*not religious*
me:oh my god
me:praise the lord
me:thank god
me:oh dear lord
me:jesus christ
me:good god

I wanna be the girl you stay up all night talking to. The one who you can’t stop thinking about. The one who can make you laugh so hard you cry. The one who you can talk to about your problems and trust fully. The one who can make you feel better after a tough situation. The one who can brighten your day. The one you can be yourself with. The one who understands you. I wanna be the girl you’re in love with.

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mom:ok u wait in line i forgot to get the milk
me:mom where are you please
me:mom please the line is moving fast
me:mom i cant breathe where r u it's almost my turn


i was checking out at target and this guy was being really flirty with me and his nametag said rosemarie so when i left i said “have a good night rosemarie” and he said “rosemarie??” and i pointed to his nametag and he said fuck very loud then said “they are always fucking doing this to me”

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